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About Enough Of

Enough Of Corporate “Take-Overs”?

The goal behind Enough Of is for buyers and small sellers to have a fun place to buy, sell, chit-chat or anything else they like without being told what they and cannot do. Most won’t need these rules, but to cover the bases, here they are.

First and foremost, this is a family friendly site, open for public viewing. Any and all posts or items for sale that don’t meet the family-friendly criteria will be deleted, no questions asked or answered.  If you see a troublesome post, please use the “report” feature to let the admin know.  What you do in private is your business, it’s just requested you keep public postings clean and wholesome. Thank you.

Nothing anti-American will be tolerated. We stand and salute our flag in love for the U.S.A.

Just practice basic politeness, common sense and decency toward one another and respect for all. Kind of the time-tested approach of “Do unto others…”. Do report anyone who is being obnoxious and as soon as possible the offending comment(s) will be removed, as will the offender.

If anyone on here threatens you, please, after reporting the perp, report the threat to your local law enforcement authorities. Threats are against the law.

Posts are to be made in the English language only. Any foreign languages will be deleted with no explanation, as you’ve just been informed that this is a term of this site. We’re not a virtual Tower of Babel and have no desire to become one. If you can’t follow this rule, you don’t belong here.

Users may post links to their site in their profile, but spamming others profiles, comments, posts, etc., will be cause to remove you. No one is here to be spammed. That’s just rude.

Sellers, don’t be pushy. Buyers, don’t be beggars. We’ll all get along better with mutual respect. Pushing a buyer to buy is rude. Low-balling the price of a sellers item is insulting. Be nice.

Your privacy is respected here. I want people to feel free to share and converse freely. Not one bit of your information in any form will ever be logged, sold, or otherwise misused by this site creator. Your personal information is not “for sale” from this site  – only your wares.

So, play fair, play nice, be respectful and maybe, just maybe, we can build a thriving and fun environment that helps buyers and sellers come together in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Thank you.